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California IID

Free Install

Free Install

Ignition Interlock Locations

6621 N Calle Eva Miranda
Irwindale, CA 91702

2960 Saturn Street, Unit H
Brea, CA 92821

1908 Pomona Ave, Unit C
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

23120 Alicia Pkwy, Suite 30
Misson Viejo, CA 92692

1020 N Tustin Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

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  •  Free installation is provided with standard lease agreement on most vehicles; however, extra labor charges may be required for more difficult installations or in the presence of certain vehicle components such as remote starters or push-button starting mechanisms.


  •  California IID will meet or beat any other offer from a legitimate California certified IID provider. Please contact us for a more exact quote by using the chat form below, or by calling one of the numbers above.




  • Some interlock providers require you to be serviced by a third party subcontractor. Therefore your lease will be with one company while your service goes through another company that does not specialize in ignition interlocks, and does not prioritize this type of add-on service in their business. We do not function this way. You will lease and receive service from one entity. All of our time and expertise is devoted to making sure the interlock program works for you.

    If you absolutely can't be without your car, then you have come to the right place. We have diagnostic equipment and backup devices on-hand locally to troubleshoot any problems and replace any unit. We can fix problems in minutes versus hours or days.



Recalibration maintenance is required by state law. This requires the IID company to physically service the device. Some interlock providers' devices require recalibration every 30 days. However, California IID devices stay recalibrated 60 days and only require service every sixty days. Therefore our customers save trips to our shops and the extra fees required for additional service.

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Draeger IIDs are commonly considered the best interlock devices in the market place.

The Draeger XT uses alcohol specific fuel cell technology. The device responds to alcohol exclusively- no false positives due to other environmental substances.

The interlock device interface can display in either English or Spanish.

Your Ignition Interlock Installation Appointment

A typical installation appointment takes a little over an hour. Some more difficult vehicles may require additional time. During the installation you will watch a video and learn how to use the device. Our trained interlock service technicians will provide final pointers and allow you to test blow into the device before leaving our facility. We want you to be sure you feel comfortable using the device before leaving our facility.

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Easy Steps To Getting Your License Back

  • Call Us - Call us set up your installation appointment. We will need to gather information regarding you and your vehicle to register you with the state.

  • Install Your Device at one of our certified IID facilities - Get the device installed at your scheduled appointment, and received proof of IID installation.

  • Get Your License - Take your proof of installation to the DMV.

  • Fullfill the program requirement - Attend your 60 day state required recalibration appointments until the interlock term has been completed. Then schedule to have the IID removed.